Athens with a 3 month old and tips for big city vacays with a baby

When Maya was a little over 3 months we took her to Athens. This was in October, so it was getting cold here in Oslo, and we really wanted some sun and some time together.

To get to the airport we took the airport express bus for the first time. I did a lot of research beforehand, and found out that it is equipped with an infant chair. This was also when we found out that Maya truly and dearly detests being strapped into a chair. She screamed and cried for about 25 of the 45 minutes it takes to get to the airport.

Probably seconds before her screaming started.

Maya was never a lightweight, but since she hates prams and strollers (like car seats) we decided to carry her full time, and it was very early clear that we needed ergonomic baby wearing equipment. Going away for the first time together meant that Felipe could carry more than he normally did, so the only carrying I really did was at the airport and at night time.

Duty free shopping with Maya in an Angelpack.

We got a flat through AirBnB right next to the Acropolis, and that was a great decision! As Maya was going to bed around 8pm we would leave her sleeping in the bedroom and hang out on the patio or in the living room for a late dinner or dessert and a movie or something. Unfortunately she sleeps best in a bed at night, so we weren’t able to go out at night. The one time we tried staying out late and out for dinner at that time Maya just screamed her head off and had a lot of trouble sleeping. All daytime naps she slept in the carrier.

Sightseeing pause for some breastfeeding and cuddles

Ringsling at Acropolis. One of the few times I carried during daytime.

Checking out the inside of the airplane with daddy.

Many people think flying with is pretty difficult with a baby. That wasn’t our experience. The ride is about 4 hours Oslo-Athens and half the time she slept, the other half we entertained her by looking through and ripping apart an inflight magazine.

Maya is pretty active – has been since birth – but she enjoyed the carrier and slept soundly in it for all her naps.

Top tips:

  1. Most things are bookable through the internet, and will often save you time queuing, as well as some money. This applies to most museums in bigger cities, from the Acropolis to the Colosseum.
  2. Go sooner rather than later. When your child is very small he/she will not mind being taken along for sightseeing and long guided trips through boring museums. Also, it is far easier for you to take an immobile baby with you in a sling than a strong-willed toddler. Baby will sleep when needed and you can pretty much do whatever you want along the way.
  3. Make lunch your main meal. Go out, have some nice warm food, and bring a rested happy child with you. For your evening meal, prefer having take-out and enjoy it after your baby is sound asleep. If you have baby that sleeps through restaurant visits in a pram, this obviously doesn’t apply to you.
  4. Have fun!

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