Paris with a 10 month old

Sightseeing and almost romantic dinners with a 10 month old proved no problem, as we spent five days to celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary in France’s romantic capital.

We decided to go for the super light alternative without a stroller and only one baby carrier each. We don’t really use a stroller much at home, so we knew we weren’t going to miss one on this short trip. Felipe took his Lenny Lamb toddler sized soft structured full buckle carrier and I took a size 4 wrap in cotton and linen, as it was nearing the end of May and the weather was quite warm.

We rented a little charming flat through AirBnb in the 2eme arrondissement. This was a good location because it was within walking distance of almost anything. The Eiffel Tower was about an hours walk away, but we did it on foot anyway.

The flat was small, but had almost everything we needed. The only downside was that we hadn’t thought about getting a place that had a separate space that we could hang out after Maya had gone to sleep. That is really a must for us. Either a living room or kitchen separate from the bedroom, or a balcony or terrace of some sort. We had a pretty large walk-in closet in the flat and ended up sitting in there for Netflix and a glass of wine in the evenings.

We did quite a lot of sightseeing, and Maya was fine with being carried around for hours looking at all the commotion. We didn’t, however, do it at a tempo and intensity that we might have had we not had her. Several things were excluded from our to-do list, like museums and fine dining. We probably could have done a museum or to, but as I’m not a big fan that meant Felipe would be the only one really interested, so the majority ruled in this sense. Also, we made sure to take some time and relax outdoors when we felt like it, and I’m pretty sure Maya appreciated that.

One thing we were very pleased with was the decision to let her nap a little later in the day than usual, so that we could take her out for dinner in the evening. We never went very far or any place fancy, but it was pretty nice to be able to have a proper late dinner and share it with our daughter.

She actually shared most of our meals. Not that she was a very big eater at the time, she would mostly just taste, chew and spit. But I liked that she was able to the enjoy French cuisine as much as us.

Some places even made a special order for Maya, as this one. Although they charged a pretty high price for two eggs!

This will be it for now. I might update it even further, so if any of you have any questions or suggestions, please comment!

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