Babywearing, strollers and prams – what we chose and why

Maya isn’t the biggest fan of sitting in a stroller, so on some trips bringing one along can feel very superfluous. For example, going on weekend trips to big cities we have in the past made the choice to not bring one.

The first ever trip we went on with Maya was Athens for five days when she was only three and a half months old. We only had a huge pram, and we were not going to put her in a travel stroller that faces forward. Also, she didn’t often lie in the pram, meaning it would be a huge hassle to bring it along. We brought with us an Angelpack, a ring sling and a woven wrap. That was more than enough! She stayed in it most of the day, except when we changed and fed her, and some times when we stopped at restaurants we’d take her out and hold her in our arms or have her lie on a bench beside us. But from leaving our AirBnb in the morning until we came back in the evening, she pretty much just stayed put in one of the carriers.

Going to Brazil for six weeks we decided it might be best to bring the pram with us. Thinking about it now I’m not sure it really was necessary, but it did alleviate a lot on certain occasions! For example, we put her to bed in the pram some nights, and took her out to eat. She would sleep peacefully beside us whilst we ate and enjoyed ourselves. Also, the pram had a parasol that made it an easy choice for daytime naps and rides along the beach.

Above you see a photo from one of the nights we had Maya sleeping in the pram beside us.

What we probably used the most, though, was the ring sling. It was perfect for hot days (which most of them were) and it’s so easy to use for going on beach walks or what ever. We also brought with us a full buckle carrier that we used quite a lot. I did, however, not use my base size woven wrap, as it was just too hot for that. Also, I had a shortie, but I only used it a handful of times, mainly because I wasn’t used to using it that much.

Going to the Canaries without Maya’s dad, I decided to bring the stroller. She napped twice a day, mostly in the stroller, and I went for long walks with her in it. I was also great for carrying beach stuff here and there when I only had one set of arms. I also used a full buckle carrier and a base size woven wrap, both of which I used quite a bit.

For our Paris trip we brought with us a short woven wrap and a toddler sized full buckle – no pram. The carriers were used for all naps and sightseeing all day long. We had decided on doing it that way because Paris is full of cobble stone and steps, and we really couldn’t be bothered. Also, Maya loved being carried at that time. And it was a good choice!

When we went to Asia we wanted to do the backpacking experience, and even managed to only travel with carry-ons (as with most of our trips). Also, we knew the streets wouldn’t be very stroller friendly, and we were also planning to spend extensive amounts of time with sand beneath our feet. We brought one base sized woven wrap and our toddler sized full-buckle carrier, no more. As it was very hot and Maya often wanted to go up and down and change who was carrying her quite frequently, we did end up carrying her in our arms probably about 70% of the time. Bit we didn’t might at all. Didn’t miss our four wheeled friend once!

Fuerteventura called for a stroller trip again. We knew we’d take it to the beach filled with toys, snacks, water and towels, and hopefully Maya would nap in it whilst we surfed and trained. Unfortunately the stroller napping wasn’t a huge success, but my mother appreciated not having to carry her almost 13 kilos around. Also, Canary streets are stroller friendly.


Going to Japan in July we haven’t decided on what to take yet, but I’d appreciate any input!

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