When you travel with children you might think you need to pack a whole lot of toys. Fear not, traveling lightly is not something you have to stop doing! We have brought with us the following items on our travels: one or two books crayons and a block of paper downloaded games/videos for tablet/phone Other... Continue Reading →

Tchau Koh Tao

I have previously mentioned our only disappointing experience traveling with Maya, our trip to Koh Tao in Thailand. This is a short blog post on exactly why that is: Firstly, we had really enjoyed ourselves in Koh Samui the previous week. We had found a Muay Thai personal trainer that we enjoyed training with, the... Continue Reading →

Thailand with a toddler

When we went to Thailand Maya wasn't really a toddler. She didn't actually walk yet, but took her first few steps in Thailand. Anyways, I just thought the title looked nicer like this, but she might actually still have been more of a baby. Our first encounter with Thailand was landing in Bangkok after a... Continue Reading →


A post exclusively about packing! We have tried a lot of variants when packing, and I have found that different kinds of trips call for different compositions when packing. Also, the child's age and activity level will dictate a lot of what you will need or not. We tried to travel both with heaps of... Continue Reading →

Brazil with a 4-6 month old

We spent six weeks in Brazil when Maya was 4-6 months old. As my husband is from Brazil, going there during the first few months of Maya’s existence wasn’t something we even thought twice about. There were a few things we were worried about initially, like vaccinations and fluids, but all health personnel we talked... Continue Reading →

Paris with a 10 month old

Sightseeing and almost romantic dinners with a 10 month old proved no problem, as we spent five days to celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary in France's romantic capital. We decided to go for the super light alternative without a stroller and only one baby carrier each. We don’t really use a stroller much at home, so... Continue Reading →

Southeast Asia with a 1-year old

We traveled Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam for a little bit of everything as Maya turned one. This trip was five weeks long and covered three countries so it requires some breaking down to readable pieces. I’ll do that soon, but first I’m writing this blog post with an overview of our trip. If you have... Continue Reading →

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